About Us

The foundation of Leva Bhratrumandal, Pimple Saudagar is to provide service, useful programs and visionary projects. We are clear that the body members and decision makes of our mandal are the fellow samaj members out there. We must proud to be the member of great Leva Patidar community. Our community is hard-working, responsible and dedicated to the cause we take-up. To meet our objective of providing unique & visionary products / projects / services to the community Leva Bhratrumandal throught off & came out with the never before concept of matrimonial website.

Mr Ravi Gadgil, has experience of design / development & operating matrimonial website since years. He is resourceful for design & maintain website. He currently runs matrimonial website “lagna Kartavya”. He is also active in overseas social activities.

Mr Vikas Warke is heading software training & development team “Felix its”. His specialisation is mobile applications with latest and futuristic technology.

It was felt that if all above three join hands, they could deliver ultimate product & services to the community. All three had unique expertise which can go hand in hand. Thus concept of Levalagna immerged & the team joined.